Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm a huge Minecraft fanatic. I logged into my old world for the first time in months today and nostalgia'd pretty hard. When I first logged in, I realized I was in one of my mine shafts.

I have about thirty of them, all set in the levels of rock where most of the diamonds are. All of my tunnels are so deep that it takes me a little over twenty minutes to get out of one, but it's gotten me hundreds of diamonds so far, so I don't mind the walk. 

I've got a pretty neat little system set up:

All of my tunnels are down there.

Then, we get to my house. I spent HOURS building and perfecting this house. The floors are probably my favorite...

The floor is now lava... HAHAHAHA

Then we have the walls...

...Which have water trapped in them. Huge pain in the ass to do, but it looks cool. And then we have the Nether Portal, naturally:

After visiting this place again, I'm kind of feeling bad that I got bored of it. But new and better things awaited, so I made another world.

So for any of you out there (and hopefully there are at least a few) that love Minecraft, how are you liking the most recent updates? After getting the first wolf I caught murdered because of a glitch in the game, I went out and caught another one:

Then after about ten minutes of him getting in front of me while I was walking, pushing me into holes, and killing all my sheep, I told him to sit and left him in the house while I went out and did things.

Pictured: A Nuisance

But... When I read that Notch had installed weather patterns, I had to go and check it out. I flipped shit when it started raining. Actually raining.

You could the rain falling, and sounds of thunder. It was the coolest thing ever. I'm not so sure about the whole "achievements" thing, though. It just feels like something like that doesn't belong in Minecraft. It makes it feel like I'm playing a different game, or like I have to be conscious of exactly what I'm doing while I'm playing, instead of being able to do whatever the heck I want. The statistics are kind of neat, though.

Also, creeper:


  1. hehe last screen .... SHHHHHHHHHHHH ... BOOOMM .... FUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  2. i hate creepers, i wish i was still able to play minecraft.. my computer hates me....

  3. I have really enjoyed playing Minecraft. I have found myself more inclined to play the game after so many of the recent updates added new and exciting features.

  4. I totally feel with you, its a great game!